A New Home For An Extended Family

This exquisite home, designed by Solo, stands proudly on one of Cheshire’s most coveted roads, representing a pinnacle of high-quality craftsmanship and design.

Our delightful customers, an extended family of a Husband and Wife and her Sister had decided to pool their resources and live together (but separately) in a new home which would include a large annexe. They acquired an outdated bungalow and Solo initiated the process of obtaining planning permissions to replace it. While it might seem regrettable to demolish older homes, often it’s not financially practical to retain the existing structure, leading to compromises in the final product.

Allow us to guide you through the decision-making process that can often result in the daunting yet rewarding prospect of starting anew.

Undoubtedly, many historic homes are protected as listed buildings, yet for those that aren’t, choices abound. If the acquired house is in poor condition, the initial instinct might be to renovate, especially with new kitchens and bathrooms. However, should the property benefit significantly from an extension or suffer from layout inadequacies or structural issues, a more comprehensive re-evaluation is warranted.

In the case of this property, all three factors aligned. The existing layout was inadequate, architectural charm was minimal, and the structure demanded extensive repairs, tipping the scale in favor of building anew, particularly when considering the VAT savings associated with new construction versus refurbishment.

Not all projects possess such clear-cut solutions and demand thorough consideration. Seeking guidance from local Estate Agents regarding the potential value of the various options being contemplated is highly recommended. Moreover, personal circumstances play a pivotal role. Consideration of whether you have the flexibility to reside in a temporary dwelling during construction, avoiding the stresses of living amidst ongoing renovations, adds costs but significantly reduces stress.

If you find yourself uncertain about which direction to pursue, please do not hesitate to seek genuinely impartial advice from Solo. While we’re passionate about our homes, our primary aim is to assist you in making the most suitable decision, even if it means advising against a project that might not align with your needs or recommending an alternative route better suited to your circumstances.F


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