Mayfield Lavender Farm – Shop, Cafe and Offices

It’s not just Self Build Homes we construct.

Mayfield Lavender Farm in Surrey stood as a highly successful and beloved local attraction, yet the owners maintained a forward-thinking vision, always seeking ways to enhance their establishment.

Their secondary site in Banstead encompassed a nursery along with a small, dilapidated shop. Ambitious plans emerged to demolish the existing structure and erect a state-of-the-art shop, cafeteria, restaurant  and new offices in its place. This transformation constituted a substantial investment in both time and capital.

While financing was secured, the challenge of carving out the necessary time remained elusive. This is where Solo Timber Frame stepped in, assuming responsibility for the entire construction of the new shop. This new facility would be connected to an existing commercial greenhouse, which was slated for conversion into an expansive seating area for the cafeteria

Integrating a brand new building with a delicate greenhouse isn’t outlined in the typical ‘construction for dummies’ manual. Therefore, it demanded extensive contemplation and meticulous execution to ensure the project’s success.

Admittedly, it wasn’t a straightforward or trouble-free endeavor, but through dedicated efforts, the project was effectively completed, leaving our customer highly satisfied. As a token of their happiness, we were generously granted a perpetual supply of free tea and coffee whenever we’re in the area.

The constructed building is accessible year-round, welcoming prospective Solo customers to visit and witness the quality of our work firsthand.


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