Pair Of Detached Houses In Haywards Heath

An existing customer of Solo Timber Frame, with a successful track record of building developments with us, presented a compelling opportunity. They had identified a promising piece of land in Haywards Heath but were already committed to other projects and sought a Joint Venture partner for this venture. The proposition was simple: “Are you interested?”

Given our occasional engagement in such collaborations, we enthusiastically embraced the idea. However, the specific plot required careful consideration before committing. Situated opposite a recently completed development by one of the prominent ‘big five’ housing developers, this smaller plot had been part of their project but didn’t align seamlessly within the larger site. Consequently, they opted to sell it without any existing planning permission, a risky endeavor considering the uncertainty of acquiring necessary permissions, especially for a project with potential profitability.

Thorough research was conducted, and after thoughtful analysis, it was determined that a three-house development—consisting of a detached house and a pair of semis—would be a suitable fit for the plot, offering a promising return. Crucially, alternative plans B and C were devised, proving essential when the initial proposal was rejected by the planners.

Subsequently, a revised application for a project involving two detached houses was approved. Despite the setback incurred from the initial attempt, we quickly regrouped and initiated the construction phase.

The result was the creation of two exquisite homes boasting high-quality features such as composite windows, stunning kitchens, landscaped gardens, garages, and remarkable interior designs.

Approximately 18 months after the land purchase, these homes were successfully sold, maintaining the crucial profit margin. Beyond financial success, we took pride in having crafted two exceptional residences that will be cherished by their new owners and future generations.


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